Soka Spirit
Temple Issue Timeline: 1997-1998

Apr. 18 Seven Nichiren Shoshu priests stationed at the head temple, Taiseki-ji, participate in the omushibarai ceremony at the Honmon-ji temple of the Minobu sect. This represents another gross violation of Nikko Shonin’s Twenty-six Admonitions.
Sept. 17 Thirty Minobu sect priests visit Taiseki-ji.
Sept. 25 The Sapporo High Court dismisses appeal by publisher Shinchosha in case involving Nobuyuki Shirayama.
Sept. 29
  • The judge in the Seattle Incident trial decides that Nikken must testify, despite his attorneys’ protests.
  • Nichiren Shoshu changes its rules again making it easier to expel believers.
Oct. 6 Nikken abruptly fires his chief attorney.
Nov. 30 Nichiren Shoshu excommunicates all Soka Gakkai members a second time (third time for President Ikeda).
Dec. 22 Nikken appears in court and presents his never-before-revealed diary that he alleges to have used at the time of the Seattle Incident. This “evidence” is intended to indicate that he was back in his hotel room by the time of the alleged incident. The defense shows that these diary entries have been altered at a later time.


Jan. 1 The Tokyo District Court rules in favor of Reformist priest Takudo Ikeda in a libel suit brought against Nikken.
Feb. 2 Attorneys for the Soka Gakkai question Nikken.
March 26
  • The Japanese Supreme Court dismisses the final appeal by Shinchosha rules in favor of Nobuyuki Shirayama.
  • Another major Nichiren Shoshu pilgrimage is held, but again the goal of 100,000 participants is not met. The new Grand Reception Hall is opened.
Apr. 1 Nichiren Shoshu organ paper creates stories that the Grand Main Temple (Sho-Hondo) is deteriorating.
Apr. 5 Nichiren Shoshu secretly transfers the Dai-Gohonzon from the Grand Main Temple (Sho-Hondo) to the Hoanden.
May 14 A Brazilian court enforces its decision to oust Nichiren Shoshu priests who had illegally occupied the main part of Ichijo-ji temple. The temple was reopened as the “Brazil Eternally Victorious Kaikan” on Aug. 1.
May 18 Attorneys for the Soka Gakkai question Nikken for a second time in the Seattle Incident trial.
June 23 Nichiren Shoshu begins demolition of the Grand Main Temple (Sho-Hondo).
July 2 Argentina ‘s Bureau of Religion bans Nichiren Shoshu as a religious corporation after a priest stationed there, in a sermon and in print, calls Mother Teresa a devil.
Sept. Ponds and waterways at Taiseki-ji are clouded and bogged due to demolishing of the Grand Main Temple .