Soka Spirit
Temple Issue Timeline: 1995-1996

Jan. 20 Priests Chodo Ishibashi and Kan’o Tajima, who were illegally engaged in propagation in Korea , are fined and deported from the country.
May 4 Myohon-ji temple in Hota, one of the major time-honored temples, secedes from Nichiren Shoshu.
June 6 The high priest of the Minobu sect’s Homon-ji temple in Ikegami visits Taiseki-ji and is welcomed — a violation of Nikko Shonin’s Twenty-six Admonitions.
Aug. 23 Nichiren Shoshu announces its plan to destroy the Grand Reception Hall.
Aug. 29 Priest Hakudo Mori is fined in Japan for violation of the Foreign Exchange Control Law in connection with his illegal temple operations in Korea.
Sept. Nichiren Shoshu destroys the Grand Reception Hall.
Sept. 29 In the Seattle Incident trial, Nikken makes a radical change in his story, acknowledging that he left his hotel for a drink the night of the alleged incident.
Oct. 2 Mrs. Clow appears in the Tokyo District Court to testify regarding the Seattle Incident (Also on Oct.9 and Feb.7, 1996).


Sept. 18 Ronald Sprinkle, a former Seattle police officer testifies as a defense witness.
Dec. 20 The Sapporo District Court orders publisher, Shinchosha, to pay damages for its false reporting that a Soka Gakkai member, Nobuyuki Shirayama, intentionally killed a Nichiren Shoshu priest, Nobuaki Ohashi, in a car accident.