Soka Spirit
Temple Issue Timeline: 1993-1994

Jan. Nichiren Shoshu cuts down 280 cherry trees at Taiseki-ji. [The trees were donated by Soka Gakkai members to honor the construction of Sho-Hondo (the Grand Main Temple ).]
Apr. 27 Masatomo Yamazaki, who was imprisoned for attempting to blackmail the Soka Gakkai, is released on parole. Yamazaki later approaches Nikken and becomes a Hokkeko member belonging to the Rikyo-bo lodging temple at the head temple.
Sept. 1 Nichiren Shohsu’s mixing cremated ashes in rice bags is exposed.
Sept. 7 Soka Gakkai decides to confer Nichikan-transcribed Gohonzon.
Oct. 2 The Soka Gakkai begins to confer the Gohonzon transcribed by the 26th high priest, Nichikan upon its members.
Nov. 3 South Korean government discovers a counterfeit Nichiren Shoshu temple.
Dec. 4 Nikken goes to Spain to open a Nichiren Shoshu office there.
Dec. 15 Nichiren Shoshu files a libel suit against the Soka Gakkai with the Tokyo District Court regarding reporting on the ‘Seattle Incident.’


June 1 It is revealed that Taiseki-ji has illegally disposed of many of the deceased’s ashes. A number of lawsuits by individual believers follow; Nichiren Shoshu loses in nearly every case.
July 8 The District Court in Pusan , South Korea , fines Nichiren Shoshu priest Hakudo Mori for operating a temple illegally registered as a nursing home.
Aug. 21 At a Hokkeko leaders meeting, Nikken says that he will resign if the Seattle Incident is proven true.